Welcome to The Empowered Office where our focus is on empowering small businesses one click at a time!  Founded in 2002, The Empowered Office assists small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their goals of increased sales, increased donations, and increased recognition. As a small business owner or nonprofit executive, you wear many hats.  At times, you are probably tasked with running accounting, human resources, operations, sales and marketing.  At The Empowered Office, we provide actionable insight and process management support, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your business or nonprofit.  Do you feel that your organization is becoming stagnant, with no clearly defined mission or methodology? Are you just getting started and are overwhelmed by the entire business development process? Contact The Empowered Office and let us be your compass on this amazing journey. Let us Empower you!

At The Empowered Office, we integrate public relations activities with social media and online marketing strategies to support your company’s business or organizational goals and produce relevant, measurable outcomes.  Research has shown that that when organizations use some form of public relations activity (be it social media, traditional or digital PR), they perform better than firms that do not.  Does your small business need help getting on board with social media marketing?  Are you confused with all the terminology or do you wonder what do we do next?  Need your website tweaked?  Then we are the firm for you.  Let The Empowered Office help your business determine your next move regarding your marketing strategy.

The Empowered Office is a Tallahassee, Florida based business development firm that specializes in providing small businesses and nonprofit organizations with business start-up strategy, branding and support services. Our “mobile first” philosophy will bring your business in line with today’s and future marketing strategy.  We are dedicated to empowering organizations with a game plan and the tools they need that best suits their internal team, audience, and community partners; implemented in accordance with our credo of Service, Security, Integrity.