Your small business needs creative ideas that will stand out in the crowd. Coming up with creative messages and creative ways to get your message out is key to the success of our campaigns. Traditional agencies are used to having large paid media budgets at their disposal. Our clients require finding unique ways to make the most of their budgets to raise awareness for their cause.

Our teams are avid explorers and users of both popular and emerging social media platforms. A key strength of our agency involves online reputation and online brand management. We help clients develop, execute, and manage multi-faceted social media campaigns that enhance the visibility for brands and help build connections with audiences. From creation and management of engaging Facebook fan pages to increasing Twitter and Instagram followings to creating inviting Pinterest pages, The Empowered Office has unparalleled understanding of social media.

Our agency prides itself in shaping and developing the online reputation and brand management of our clients. The Empowered Office stays continually current on the latest SEO strategies and how to influence search engines. Our aim is to help our clients enhance their online presence through strengthening their use of digital conduits.

The Empowered Office creates customized events that communicate your brand message, whether you require one spectacular launch or seek to expose your product in multiple markets with simultaneous or consecutive live events.  We empower brands to reach target audiences through proactive product placement. Our expertise enables us to help products break through the clutter in a crowded, distracted market. Seeing a product in a magazine, television show or movie directly influences consumer opinion and increases buzz and sales. We are skilled at brand integration in all aspects of media, increasing brand awareness and driving consumers to purchase.  The Empowered Office has working partnerships with multiple media conduits and leverages those partnerships to further your brand.

The Empowered Office is a Tallahassee-based boutique public relations firm that specializes in providing small businesses, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, local public figures, doctors and clinics with public relations, social media, and online marketing support services.   We are dedicated to empowering organizations with the tools they need to plan and implement public relations and online marketing strategies that best suit their internal team, constituents, partners, and donors.  Our “mobile first” philosophy will bring your business in line with today’s and future marketing strategy.